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Anti-50 Shades icons for Friday the 13th

Sorry, this isn't an official revival. But with the godawful 50 Shades movie coming out Valentine's Day weekend, I had to dig up these icons I've been saving. It's not a whole lot, but the previous computer holding the template I made for the icons crashed, and I don't think I can get it back in time before the deadline. Don't give this movie your money! Tote some of my fabulous icons instead. <.<

Inspired by the original anti-Twilight icons by wicked_visions.

Anti-50 Shades of Grey :: 8

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5 6 7 8

--Commenting encouraged, but optional
--Credit either insanepurin/scarlethibiscus (LJ) shamanicshaymin/grapegarden (DW)
--Hotlink and/or and claim any of these icons as your own, and you'll have to sit through an unironic reading of the 50 Shades series.
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